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Winter Blues & Depression Series - Episode 1

Join us in the darker months of the year as we seek light and hope.

We'll focus on depression and the Winter 'blues' and 'blahs', as we explore ways to spark our energy, learn how to respond skillfully to negative beliefs (like Winter is 'awful') and difficult feelings, and create and sustain a plan for change.

Below is a recording of the first session, which Jannah and Tariq explore signs and symptoms of common types of depression and the Winter blues. They also looked at lifestyle factors that can have a big impact on our moods. They also talked about different treatment options for the signs and symptoms including some that will be covered in future sessions.

Jannah has also provided you with some resources, as well as the slide deck for your reference. Please note that some services could potentially be out of date because sometimes they change quite frequently. If you need any assistance in connecting with a specific resource please reach out!

Winter Blues Depression #1
Download PPTX • 3.15MB

Local Counselling & MH resources Waterloo region (R-04.18sb)
Download DOCX • 24KB

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